Coto Work Launch Event Highlights

February 7, 2017

We recently hosted a launch event and invited all of our Coto Work candidates and current/former Coto Academy students. For those of you who weren’t able to make it, here’s some of the highlights from the event!

Opening Remarks

We had wonderful MCs helping us announce the schedule of events throughout the evening. Once the bar was open and the food was ready to go, our guests started mingling and enjoying the music
– we had veteran Japanese DJs entertaining for the event! After the first round of drinks, our CEO, Yukiko Watanabe hit the stage to tell the story of Coto Work: why she started it, and where the company’s vision came from. She was joined on stage by one of Coto Academy’s former students, who is currently and entrepreneur looking to start his own business here in Japan. One of the main reasons Coto Work was started was to help Coto Academy students use their talent and skills in the Japanese market, so it’s great that we have longtime students of ours supporting us through these new ventures.

What Will Coto Work do for Japan?

Of course, Yukiko started Coto Work with the initial goal of helping her students stay in Japan to continue their professional careers. As this concept became more than just a one-off project, the greater vision behind the concept began to form. Japan will be facing a huge shift in population and workforce soon, a subject discussed more and more in the media. This notorious problem will, in fact, become a huge problem for Japan if companies don’t compensate for the lack of local talent and hire globally. What Yukiko talked about at the event was the difficulties foreigners face when they try and enter the job market in Japan: they are expected to walk, talk, and act like Japanese people, or else they are overwhelmingly ranked lower within their companies, if they are even able to get hired at a Japanese company in the first place.

The main barrier is, of course, the language. So, Coto Work’s mission is to educate not just the students and candidates who want to work in Japan, but the companies as well. If we teach both sides about each other, there will be more room for meaningful exchange of ideas and ways of working. Japanese companies, particularly small/mid-sized companies, are poised to really benefit from globalization if they want. The Japanese economy and the importance of mid-sized enterprises was one of the main talking points from our guest speaker, Tim Romero of Disrupting Japan. These are the companies in Japan that have the flexibility to innovate and invest, and really contribute to the Japanese economy as a whole. We’re focusing on targeting these companies since we believe they are the most likely to hire foreigners, and some of the best places for our candidates to work!

Entertaining ’til the end

After a short bar break, the Pirates of Tokyo Bay headed up on stage to perform improv comedy for our guests. Improv is unique and relies heavily on audience participation, so we’re glad our guests were enthusiastic and enjoyed the show! Rounding out the night, the second veteran of the Japanese music scene played until the end of the event. Our guests left happy, with pictures from the photo booth setup we had, and optimistic about their futures in Japan!

We want to thank everyone again for coming to the party and for everyone’s support! You’ll be hearing from us again soon, make sure to follow us on Facebook and LinkedIn for the most recent news!

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