At Coto Work, we believe Japan can benefit from the effects of globalization, and we want to help companies based in Tokyo realize the full value of hiring skilled, foreign staff members. We’ve been working with foreigners in Japan for 16 years, and we take pride in the relationships we’ve built with our students at Coto Language Academy (see below for an overview). Given the wide variety of skills held by our students, we know we can provide the best experience for our corporate clients when we match them with a candidate for a position in their organization.

Our clients trust us as a source for the world’s talent, and we strive to bridge the gap between western and Japanese business practices to ensure the success of both clients and candidates. We provide our candidates with Japanese language training, as well as cultural and educational training through our seminar courses.


Our Services

We have access to a variety of foreign job seekers who aim to work in Japan. Our candidates are motivated to learn Japanese language and culture, and they can continuously improve their skills through our seminar offering. We currently provide seminar courses that introduce candidates to business in Japan and Japanese hospitality culture. As we expand, we’ll be adding more skill-specific courses geared towards IT and marketing professionals.

Three Main Services:

  • Coto Career: we provide skilled, foreign candidates that fit the needs of your company. Many of our candidates have overseas experience in specialized roles in the IT, marketing, and design fields.
  • Coto Experience+: we provide low-cost, short-term interns to companies offering entry-level positions. Many of our clients have hired these candidates for full-time work after completing a 6-week trial contract.
  • Coto Part-Time: we provide part-time, hourly candidates to local businesses.

Coto Language Academy Overview

Our parent company, Be Unique, Co. operates a Japanese language school and provides a wide range of courses to accommodate each student’s skill level and schedule. Coto Language Academy has been working with students from all over the world for 16 years.

Join Us

Are you interested in working with us? We would love to discuss the future with you and we look forward to building new partnerships with the best companies in Tokyo. Please enter your contact information below, and we’ll get in touch with you as soon as possible.