Frontend Engineer
Full time
Location Tokyo
Industry IT Services, Engineering, Technology
Languages Japanese: (Intermediate (N3))
English: (Business)
¥4,000,000 - 5,000,000 (Yearly)
Date Posted 2017-05-12

Responsibilities include JavaScript development and configuring GTM settings so that data can be acquired as actual KPI measurements designated by data analysis and SEM consultants.
The position also requires the servicing and maintenance of data - web services data acquired via API tools and stored in formats that can be utilized by databases such as BigQuery.Required experience/skills:
A thorough understanding of JavaScript and web browsers.
Knowledge of HTML/CSS.
Knowledge regarding BigQuery, AWS, and SQL.
Knowledge regarding tag management(GTM, YTM, Tearium, etc.).Desired experience/skills:
Development experience with data acquisition scripts via API.
Utilization and development experience with access analysis tag management tools such as Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager.
Knowledgeable and skilled in R language, as well as server side programming languages(PHP, Java, etc.).The type of person we desire:
Someone with strong ambitions.
Someone who is not easily satisfied with their current skill level, who seeks to deepen their knowledge, and aspires to the top level in Japan.
Someone who possesses the spirit of a craftsman, with a professional mindset, and wants to provide the highest quality service.

Work Experience

1-3 years


Java Script

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