Client / Server Programmer
Full time
Location Tokyo
Industry Media and Entertainment
Languages Japanese: (Advanced (N2/N1))
¥4,000,000 - 7,000,000 (Yearly)
Date Posted 2017-09-20

Position: Game Programmer (Client Side / Server Side)

Company: Major Game Company

Location: Tokyo


We are a major game company seeking a new Client/Server Programmer to help us develop new titles this year. Our company has an extensive international network but this role will enable you to help create Japanese games for the domestic market. We are looking for someone who enjoys games more than anything else, thinks positively, has a strong personality with good communication skills, can work in a team environment, is healthy and responsible.

Responsibilities include:

- Programming in online game development

Client side

Programming client applications
- Design and development of clients
- Development of tools necessary for operation and operation

Server side

Programming server applications
- Design / development of server / DB
- Development of tools necessary for operation and operation

Work Experience

4-5 years


Client Side
- Program development experience for commercial online games (home use / PC / social / arcade)
- Program development experience of 3D games
- C ++ (STL, Boost)
- Lua
- C #

Recommended skills:
- 3D Action game development experience

Server Side
- C ++ (STL, Boost)
- C #
- Application development experience using DB

Recommended skills:
- Development experience with C / C ++
- Communication skills, cooperative person

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