Project Manager
Full time
Location Tokyo
Industry IT Services, Engineering, Technology
Languages Japanese: (Intermediate (N3))
English: (Business)
¥6,000,000 - 9,000,000 (Yearly)
Date Posted 2017-11-13

The company is a firm providing in-house business system development services for clients operating in the field of human resources. As a project manager, you will be in charge of developing, testing, and the general operations associated with the projects. You will work together in a team alongside the web developer and tester to manage the current 9 running projects in the company.

Work Experience

5+ years


· Abundant hands-on work experience with development using Java/ Node.js/ Javascript/ C#/ PHP (more than 5 years)
· Problem solving skills
· Ability to troubleshoot and suggest improvements to existing software and databases
· Not necessary to have experience as project manager

· Experience using Microservice Architecture for development and building.
· Scrum development skills and experience
· Development skills and experience in Node.js
· Developing experience using Object-oriented programming and design patterns

- Analytical skills and high level of technical expertise
- Ability to work productively in and develop team
- Infrastructure and network construction in cloud environment
- Deep knowledge of databases and Middleware operating system

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