Web Engineer
Full time
Location Tokyo
Industry IT Services, Engineering, Technology
Languages Japanese: (Business (N2))
English: (Business)
¥4,000,000 - 7,000,000 (Yearly)
Date Posted 2018-06-15

-Social Application Development
We are currently putting all of our energy into location information games, using GPS functions to interact with users in real time. We also provide enjoyable ways to log trips when on vacation.

-Mobile content development 
We offer sites on which users can download high quality ringtones, free applications that can set ringtones for alarms and weather reports, services that support original music production, and more.

-Development of new applications using our application platform.
We organize teams of approximately five people, including a director and a web designer, for each project.
Engineers have a wide range of responsibilities, including server side, DB, and front end operations.
We have adopted various methods of Agile development, including pair programming and test-first development.

Work Experience

1-3 years


-Experience developing web applications
-Over 2 years of programming experience

Desired Skills and Experience
-Experience in developing and operating mobile web applications
-Experience in lightweight languages ​​such as Perl, JavaScript, Ruby, Python, and PHP
-Professional knowledge of databases, middleware, networks, programming languages, etc.
-Operational knowledge of existing services: Block Chain / social games / official mobile service provider services, etc.

-Languages: Perl5 / JavaScript, etc.
-Middleware: MySQL / memcached / Redis, etc.
-Infrastructure: AWS / On-premise
-Main Frameworks: Backend: Amon 2 / Teng / Aniki, etc. - Frontend: VueJS / React / Angular etc.

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