SRE Engineer
Full time
Location Minato
Industry IT Services, Engineering, Technology
Languages Japanese: (Advanced (N2/N1))
English: (Business)
¥ (Yearly)
Date Posted 2018-07-27

As a Site Reliability Engineer (SRE), you will be responsible for building the servers/networks for our marketplace app. Additionally, you will be responsible for system automation and incident handling, as well as working on development to improve performance, reliability, and scalability.

・Diagnose and solve technical issues
・Build and maintain automation tools for deployment, server provisioning, and other various operations
・Build and maintain monitoring environments to be used in incident detection and capacity planning
・Build and maintain various applications and middlewares, and work to improve their performance
・Build the infrastructure for microservices

Work Experience

4-5 years



・Basic understanding of TCP/IP, HTTP, and other network protocols

・Ability to trace and solve technical issues (performance drops, etc.)

・Programming ability sufficient to build any applications or middlewares necessary to fix bugs or improve system performance and reliability

Additional Qualifications

・Experience with RDBMS such as MySQL

・Experience with middleware such as nginx, memcached

・Experience with Go, PHP, or Perl

・Experience with container technology such as Docker or Kubernetes

・Experience in large-scale service

・Experience with Sakura, AWS, GCP, or other cloud services

・Strong understanding of security

・Experience releasing or contributing to OSS

・Experience working with distributed systems/databases like Apache Kafka or Apache    

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