Engineering Manager (Android)
Full time
Location Tokyo
Industry IT Services, Engineering, Technology
Languages Japanese: (Native (N1))
English: (Business)
Date Posted 2018-08-23

A FinTech company offering
virtual wallet and related services, is looking for new Engineering Manager (Android), who can encourage engineers to maximize their productivity, in order to create a great company. 

・Goal-setting, Technical assessments, and feedback for
Android Engineers
・All the operations regarding recruiting engineers
・Training & Mentoring & Career development for Engineer
・Designing & operation of organizational arrangements, coordinating
with relevant departments, in order to sustain engineering organization’s
・Assigning engineers to projects

Work Experience

5+ years


・Passionate about fintech industries and new business
・Capable of discussing with engineers and finding out technical problems
・Capable of encouraging the growth of Engineers and contributing of the company’s maximization
・Experience developing Android with Kotlin
・Deep understanding of Android Frameworks
・Experience in people management
・Experience of technical output at conferences or/and by writing
・Excellent communication skills for mentoring Engineers and for coordinating with different departments

・Experience in the financial or fintech industries
・Experience in carrying out various operations in English
・Speciality of developing Android apps (highly important fields such as, security, media processing, architecture, view system, layout system, testing, CI, Android Architecture)
・Experience in contributing to OSS

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