Software Engineer
Full time
Location Tokyo
Industry IT Services, Engineering, Technology
Languages English: (Advanced)
Date Posted 2018-12-03

We provide you the freedom and responsibility to produce your greatest work. You will be given the best tools on the market and we trust that you will use them effectively. Please raise the bar for the entire team and help challenge and proivde new technologies when appropriate. Take ownership and always strive for the best results. 

Architecture design, development of new features and infrastructure operations for a multi-region platform with a large user base
Deliver completed work with test coverage and documentation necessary to achieve high quality
Divide projects into smaller tasks and estimate from a data-driven perspective 
Work effectively within a multidisciplinary team

RequirementsRequired Qualifications and Experience:
Minimum of 3 years experience with a similar role 
Experience building and delivering solutions using AWS services 
Experience with Ruby on Rails or AWS Serverless applications (nodejs) 
Experience with continuous deployment and agile methodologies 
Working in a timely manner, and a desire to ship frequently 

Desirable Qualifications and Experience: 
Experience with server operations, ideally using AWS CloudFormation 
Knowledge of web API authentication schemes such as: Open ID and OAuth 
Experience in a startup or freelance 
Open to learn more about fintech, digital banking and/or financial services 
Ability to align technology development to business goals 

BenefitsSalary up to 10M
Health and social insurance support 
Commute and cell-phone allowance 
Employee stock option program participation 
Residential rent tax benefits 
Visa application and renewal support 
Flexible work style: work from home/overseas (role dependent) 

Work Experience

4-5 years

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