IOS / Android Engineer
Full time
Location Roppongi (Tsuginobiruonozoku)
Industry IT Services, Engineering, Technology
Languages Japanese: (Proficient (N3/N2))
¥6,000,000 - 8,000,000 (Yearly)
Date Posted 2018-12-06

This rapidly growing IT company is currently handling economic information search platform services, social economic media business and other IT related service. 経済情報の検索プラットフォームサービス、ソーシャル経済メディア事業などを手がける現在急成長中のIT企業。

In 2016, this company was on Mothers (Tokyo Stock Exchange) and expanded by acquiring an American global business news outlet in 2018. Moreover, they are also expanding their services to other Asian countries, such as Singapore, China, and Hong Kong. 2016年にマザーズ上場、ニュースメディア部門ではニューヨークでの展開、企業向け情報提供事業ではシンガポール、中国、香港などアジア各国にも展開をしている。

RequirementsTechnology Used:
Language: Kotlin, Clojure, Scala, Java 8, JavaScript, Python
Sever OS: Ubuntu, CentOS, Debian, CoreOS, RancherOS
Frame-work: Angular2, Spring, Vue.js, Ruby on Rails, Apache Wicket, Seaser2 

Experience with iOS and Android application design and development 
Three years of development experience 
Experience of project operation in Agile 
Experience and confidence with coding 
Those who love technology 
People who have a desire to create the finest service in the world 
Positive and open-minded people who can communicate well with others


Work Experience

4-5 years

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