SRE (Site Reliability Engineer)
Full time
Location Roppongi (Tsuginobiruonozoku)
Date Posted 2018-12-12

You will develop and operate software for improving the foundation and operation of the server/network system automation and troubleshooting tasks, system performance, reliability and  scalability.

You will construct and operate servers and networks that support business infrastructure and when necessary, will work with our international branches as well.

SRE role has a lot of responsibilities such as, construction and operation of business infrastructure, product development, construction and operation.

Engineers that have infrastructure server side fullstack, as well as various types of skills, should make the most of their strength and continue to work on reliability.

Agile development experience with Scrum, XP
Software development experience with Java, Go, Kotlin, Rust
Experience with data analysis using BigQuery、Kibana、Redash
Development & operation experience with microservice architecture
Experience building networks using BGP, OSPF, IPSEC
Building experience with channel design and wireless LAN SSID
Experience with malware; forensic research and analysis
Experience with CSIRT
Developmental and operational experience with AWS, GCP, Azure
Developmental and operational experience with Docker or Kubernetes
Experience in building and operating large-scale databases, such as MySQL、Elasticsearch、Aerospike
Hinemos、Rundeck、Azkaban and other job management tools
Experience with monitoring using Prometheus, Grafana,

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