Game Programmer (Beginner)
Full time
Industry IT Services, Engineering, Technology
Languages Japanese: (Intermediate (N3))
¥3,000,000 ()
Date Posted 2019-03-05

This is ​a new game production company and they are aggressively hiring those who are passionate about games!

They are an open-minded business and offer easy working environments. They produce most of their console games for Square Enix. The company is trying to become more international in order to understand the global market better. This is one of the reasons as to why they are embracing more and more international candidates.

As a Game Programmer there will be many projects to be worked on throughout the year. From graphics to the tools being used, you and your team are not only developing existing engines, but also developing methods that targets efficiency and high quality products, based on proprietary technology expansion and customization.

・Knowledge of the basics of programming
 -> experience with C++  &   C#
・Experience in the game industry
・ Desire & interest in how games are made

・Experience with Unity & UE4 
・Experience with graphics and shader programs 

Work Experience

1-3 years

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