Android Kotlin Tech Lead
Full time
Industry IT Services, Engineering, Technology
Date Posted 2019-04-15

- Main Role: Lead application development as an Engineer
・ Development for function addition and function improvement of existing service
・ New product development of new launch service
* Develop a wide range of iOS apps, Android apps, front-ends and server-sides based on the wishes of the person

・3 years or more of working experience 
・If Japanese is not your first language, at least JLPT N2 or N1
・More than 1 year of application development experience
・Development experience of an Android application using Kotlin
・Team development experience using code review and CI, etc via GitHub

・Reactive Programming development experience 
・Layered Architecture development experience 

BenefitsYearly Salary is competitive and based on experience, but it can go up to ~9M
Location: Near Meguro 

Work Experience

4-5 years

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