Web Engineer (intern)
Full time
Industry IT Services, Engineering, Technology
Languages Japanese: (Advanced (N2/N1))
English: (Conversational)
Date Posted 2019-06-11

A fresh startup company which has received a successful capital of 2.8 billion yen so far. With about 40 employees, together they are creating an IOT device for vehicle management. To support the future of mobility, this company’s data platform works with various other data sources and services.

This position is a paid intern job that can flexibly respond to working hours twice a week. This company is looking for those who have some experience with Web Serves. 

・Ruby on Rails、Sinatra などを使ったWebサービスの開発・運用した経験必須
・ Required experience in developing and operating web services using Ruby on Rails, Sinatra, etc.

Desired Skills: 
・ Development part-time job / interior experience at startup
・ Basic knowledge of computer science
・ Experience of front end development

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