iOS Architect
Full time
Industry IT Services, Engineering, Technology
Languages Japanese: (Proficient (N3/N2))
English: (Business)
Date Posted 2019-07-30

The mobile team is currently working on a major re-architecture of the iOS/Android apps in order to create a structure where they can conduct further large-scale development while maintaining speed and security.

The iOS/Android teams will also be working on other various projects, such as developing new features and improving the UX.

Mobile team members all come from different countries with different backgrounds and experiences. Working as a team, this company hopes to unlock the potential of each individual so that together they can create something truly great. 

Requirements・Experience developing native iOS apps
・Experience not only in technical decision making, but also in taking ownership of the outcome and operation
・Experience in making technical decisions in small to large organizations
・Experience of re-architecture in medium to large organizations
・Knowledge of UI frameworks, MVVM / MVP architecture, and complex
・Understanding of data structures, algorithms, software design, performance optimization, and concurrency
・Knowledge of open-source commonly used in the iOS development
・Software development experience with Swift at work

Work Experience

1-3 years

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