Android Engineer
Full time
Industry IT Services, Engineering, Technology
Languages Japanese: (Proficient (N3/N2))
English: (Business)
Date Posted 2019-07-30

This company is looking for Android engineers who are passionate about changing society with engineering. This company's projects are still at an early stage and you will be expected to have the expertise to comment on specifications from a technical perspective and select design methods. You will also work with a team to improve the UX and specs from the perspective of the customer, with the aim of creating a better product.

Requirements・Experience developing native Android apps
・Knowledge in object-oriented software development, solid MVVM/MVP architecture, multi-threading, networking and memory management.
・Experience with continuous improvement of code bases and large-scale team development
・Knowledge of standard Android libraries and frameworks
・Ability to develop features while conducting unit tests using JUnit and Mockito
・Software development experience with Kotlin at work

Work Experience

1-3 years

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