Web Service Engineer
Full time
Industry IT Services, Engineering, Technology
Languages Japanese: (Intermediate (N3))
English: (Proficient)
Date Posted 2019-08-27

This company is developing projects such as PDS (Personal Data Store) and Information Bank Construction using Blockchain.

If you are interested in developing apps with React Native as well as Python, welcome to the team! You will be able to work together with senior engineers, who are studying Blockchain, and together you will build your own services. It is possible to gain experience as a Project Manager or Product Manager, in the future.  
Requirements・At least one or more year of web application development experience
・Those who have just graduated university may also apply!・If you have experience as a back-end but what to experience working as a front-end (or vice-versa) you may also apply! 

This position will be perfect for: 
・ Those who want to learn more about web application development skills
・ Those who have developed products with Python, React, React Native
・ Those who have experience of being in charge of security 
・ Those who want to improve their own career as a project manager or product manager
・ Those who want to experience working at a Start-Up company
・ Those who want to be involved in web services that change/benefits the world
・ Those who want to work for a stable business partner such as a large company

Benefits・Transportation expenses are paid for 
・Little to no overtime
・Flex-time/Flex-culture・Stock options available 
・Complete social insurance (employment, occupational accidents, health, welfare pension)

休日休暇・Holidays & Vacation: 
・祝日・Public Holidays 
・GW(カレンダー通り)・ Golden Week (According to the Calendar) 
・年末年始休暇(6日程度)・New Years (about 6 days) 
・有給休暇(年間14日、入社時に付与)・Paid leave (From when you entered the company, 14 days a year)
・出産・育児休暇・Childbirth・Childcare Leave

Work Experience

1-3 years

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