Software Engineer
Full time
Industry IT Services, Engineering, Technology
Languages Japanese: (Advanced (N2/N1))
English: (Business)
Date Posted 2019-10-15

This company has created a new device that helps us visualize bacteria by using our smartphones. We are exposed to the threat of various types of bacteria every day, but now we can easily check the existence of bacteria! So, why a smartphone? Now, smartphones have become the most must have item of many people → our most familiar tool. Also, with the camera function, it is possible to record bacteria on the spot, shoot with moving pictures and share it with others. 

・ App development (requirement definition / development)
・ Development of API linkage
・ Launch of new business (SaaS)
・Work alongside with a Singapore company ( will have business trips to Singapore throughout the year )

Looking for ~ :
・ Those who can explore new areas with ventures ・ Those who are interested in new technology
・ Those who can take charge
・ Those who are interested in starting from 0
・ Those who can acquire knowledge in new fields such as optics even by self-study

Requirements・ Practical experience in web development using script languages ​​such as Ruby, PHP, and Python
・ Work experience in iOS / Android application development

Welcomed Skills: 
・ Experience in launching apps ・ Development experience using React Native
・ Practical experience in API development
・ Product roadmap creation experience
・ AWS management experience
・ Leader management experience

・GW休暇 夏期休暇 年末年始休暇


Work Experience

4-5 years

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