Coto Work was founded by Yukiko Watanabe as a response to the needs of the students at Coto Language Academy:

“We know finding work in Japan is a challenge for foreign students, and I wanted to provide a resource for them. So many students with marketable skills are forced to go back to their home country after spending a long time in Tokyo looking for work, and I think it’s a shame to waste those resources.”

At Coto Work, we handle the relationships with the companies, and provide you with resources needed from the first job interview to your first day. We want our candidates to succeed, so we offer cultural and language training as part of our ongoing support. For more information about life and working in Japan, check out our blog.


Our Team

Yukiko Watanabe

While working for Recruit in Tokyo, Yukiko also worked as a volunteer Japanese teacher, something she had always been passionate about. In 2000, she started the Iidabashi Language School with her fellow volunteer teachers. In 2012 they incorporated Coto Language Academy.

In an effort to continue helping foreigners succeed in Tokyo, and to help companies enter the global market, Yukiko founded Coto Work in 2016 as a job placement service specifically to help bring foreign talent to the Tokyo job market.

Yumiko Kowatari

Yumiko had the opportunity to teach Japanese while living in Vietnam and enjoyed it so much that she received professional teacher’s training when she returned to Tokyo. She started with Coto Work in 2015. She thoroughly enjoys helping foreigners in Japan, and is now able to help them continue their professional careers in Tokyo as Coto Work’s sales lead and primary corporate client contact.

Yumiko’s passion for enabling foreigners stems from her time overseas where she experienced help and kindness from locals. Now, she gets to repay that kindness, and help Japanese companies with their personnel needs at the same time.